Club Officers

We’re the Malibu Democratic Club.

We celebrated our 50th  birthday in 2016, with a constant membership of more than 80 and a mailing list of more than 560, we also are among L.A. County’s oldest Democratic organization.  With a long history of activism and community involvement in party activities the name ‘Malibu Democratic Club”  carries clout among Democrats and statewide among Democratic leaders.

2017-2018 OFFICERS

Ted Vaill                                      Acting President     
Lance Simmens                     Acting Vice President
David Kramer                        Acting Treasurer
Jane Albrecht                        Acting Secretary
Dennis Aoki                            Membership Chair
Ted Vaill
Ted Vaill

Ted Vaill                                                Acting President

Ted Vaill has been helping shape Malibu’s future for more than 15 years and his local involvement and governmental experience are helping to restore the Malibu Democratic Club’s political influence.  A 40-year Malibu resident, Ted has been a member of the City of Malibu Planning Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission. He is a three-term delegate to the California Democratic Convention and Central Committee, and has been a vice president of the Malibu Democratic Club since 2011.  Ted earned his J.D. from the University of Chicago,and served the Navy as a lawyer in the South Pacific. He has been an L.A.-area lawyer since 1969. Early in his career he was  a park ranger in the Grand Tetons. He has authored more than 30 articles in the LA Progressive and the Hollywood Progressive. He also makes documentary films.

ralph ericson 2
Ralph Ericson

Ralph EricksonRalph Erickson                           President Emeritus

Ralph is a retired federal judge who is a member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee.  He is member of the State Party Central Committee and was 41st Assembly District 2004 Democrat of the Year.   Ralph also is a Democratic Party Region 10 State Committee Member and a Santa Monica/Malibu School District committee member.  But here in Malibu, he is known as the president emeritus of a Malibu Democratic Club  where he is loved and respected and known for his wry insights, inspiring leadership and gentle guidance on a variety of perplexing issues.

Carol Moss

Carol MossCarol Moss

Founder, Malibu CART (an organization to find shelter and assistance for the homeless);

Member, Preserve Malibu; Charter member, 

Malibu Township Council; Save Malibu Lagoon; founding board member, Santa Monica MountainsConservancy, Governor’s deputy on Port Hueneme (under Jerry Brown).

National politics: McGovern delegate, Tibet support groups, member of California Bar since 1996, Malibu Colony HOA Board.  

Support Members

Shelley Kramer Administrator for the MDC Website


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