Board Member Dorothy Reik Honored by LACDP

Congratulations to Dorothy Reik, Malibu Democratic Club’s board member who was honored Sunday night by the L.A. County Democratic Party as one of two 50th California Assembly District’s Democrats of the Year.

Dorothy Reik

Dorothy, who is president of Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains, was honored at the 2014 Frank and Eleanor Democrat of the Year Awards Banquet at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, where 47 other local Southland political volunteers also were recognized.

Honored in the 50th Assembly District (along with Michael Kapp of the Miracle Mile Democratic Club and the Stonewall Democratic Club, Dorothy, specifically, was acclaimed for her work to “move the party in a progressive direction, focusing on electing Democrats who will move on such issues as the environment, economic justice, and peace.     Her participation in politics began in 2005 when she attended the CDP Convention and protested the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  She also is a member of the Democratic Party of San Fernando Valley Executive Board.  She was a Magna Cum Laude graduate of City College of New York where she also was accepted into Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

Dorothy Reik and State Sen. Ted Lieu (also a candidate to represent the 33rd Congressional District) Dine at the L.A.C.D.P’s awards banquet

A former teacher, currently she is a mortgage loan broker at Bankers Group,  in Woiodland Hills.     As president of the Progressive Democrats of Santa Monica Mountains for seven years, Dorothy has taken a leading role in influencing policy in the Democratic Party.    She was appointed as a delegate to the California Democratic Party Central Committee by Fran Pavley and she serves on the Board of the party’s Progressive Caucus.