Actor/Director and Malibu resident Rob Reiner explains the Nov. 4 Malibu Ballot Measure R, also called the “Your Decision; Your Malibu” initiative here:

Big thanks to Democratic Club board member Anna Gorby for setting up the video shoot, and for conducting separate interviews (which will soon be posted), and to Elijah Guess, a film student at Chapman University.

In a community Q & A session, Reiner kicked off the  Malibu Democratic Club’s first in a series of issue-oriented programs on  October 15, (2014) at the Webster School.

Three versions are available for you to view.  You will see the video length at the lower right corner of each video icon.

Find a long  version — that is 47 minutes and18 seconds long (the top one) — which includes questions from the audience and Reiner’s answers; a short version (speech highlights) that is four minutes and 50 seconds long, and a medium-length version (the third one) that is 19 minutes and 14 seconds long , which contains only Reiner’s initial speech prior to the  Q & A.

If possible, view these at full-size (click the little icon that shows a TV screen and the thumbnails or small screen version will pop up to fill your screen.)    Due to the lighted stage behind Mr. Reiner, the small screen makes the image appear to be in silhouette, however the clarity is much better when the computer screen is filled with the image.